If you don't use Survey form before chatting, while chatting, how can you remember a certain visitor (identify whether they are new or returning ones for the next time). Subiz allows you to mark and recognize them by name, email or phone. It's easy and simple text commands but big help for you to provide better care for visitors/customers on your site. 

In addition, it works for both in IM client and in Dashboard.

1. To set name for visitor, just type "!name [space] his/her name". For example: !name Olivia


Image: Remember name in Pidgin

2. To set email for visitor, type "!email [space] email address".

For example: !email Oliviag@gmail.com


Image: Remember email in Pidgin

Image: Remember email in Dashboard

To remembering the visitors's phone number, things are quite similar. Use the command "!phone [space] number".

That's it. As simple as ABC :)

- How to chat on Dashboard