During the interaction through live chat, sometimes support agents and visitors may have difficulty to describe a particular issue. Instead, they need a solution to present their idea in a simple way, rather than writing a lengthy description.

File sharing - the feature of Subiz has been developed to satisfy the requirement of both business users and their visitors.

In this article, you will find an instruction to manage and share file during live chat interaction.


How to send file?

In order to send file through Dashboard, agent can click on the icon  share-file-icon.png on right of message box

  •      1. From live chat agent:


    1. From visitor:


    1. Manage file sharing in Settings

          If your agent type is administrator, you can customize settings for this feature:

    • Enable or Disable file sharing for agents and/or visitors

    • Add, Change or Remove supported file types

    1. Note:

    • By default, sharing is enabled for the following file types: PDF (.pdf), PNG (.png), JPEG (.jpeg), JPG (.jpg), GIF (.gif), TXT (.txt), CSV (.csv)

    • The size limit for a single file is 10 MB.

    • You are enabled to send multiple files at once. However, the total size can not exceed 50MB