Chat tag is our brand new feature which let agents apply tags to conversations. You can add tag to both ongoing chat and chat in history including offline messages.

For example: Sales, Support, Feedback…

Tags provide you with an unlimited amount of flexibility to manage and customize your support workflow.

To add a new tag:

  1. In Dashboard, click into Untitled-2.png Settings, then select Agent Tools. Tags option

  2. Type a new tag and click Add tag

  3. After that you will see the new tag in the bottom:



  • Only Admin-type agent have right to add a new tag

  • Tag can be written with characters, number, blank space

Add tag to a conversation and offline message

  1. Ongoing chat:

  • Click Add tag right below Type message field in Dashboard chat window

  • Choose available tag in suggestion

  • Note: Only admin or agent who is joining in conversation have right to add tag.


2. Offline message:

  • You can also add tag to chat or messages in History.


3. Remove tag

  • To remove tag, click into icon (x)Screenshot from 2015-09-18 14:36:00.png


  • You can add several tags to a conversation

  • Using command: !tag to add tag if you use IM Clients during conversation.

Filter history by tags

You can find the tagged conversations using the tag filtering options. This way, you can easily find all chats or messages from a particular category

  1. To filter conversation by a specific tag, go to History

  2. Click on the Tag filter and select a specific tag from the drop-down list