Desktop notifications are toaster alerts which are used to notify agents that something important has happened. Notifications appear outside the browser window.

Follow the steps below to configure Notification feature. 

 Log into your Dashboard >> On the top right corner of your page, you click on the green circle  

    You will see a drop-down list as the following snapshot.

  - Choose Notification.

    You will see a pop-up named Notification Configuration with 4 options are mentioned above.

  - Choose options that you want then Edit the timeout.

    This timeout is very important, it decides how long the notification is displayed on your desktop. And this timeout customization is only applied for Chrome browser.

  - Click Save changes to finish. 

    Note: Before you configure your desktop notifications, you need to make sure that this setting was enabled. 

     After loggin in dashboard page, you need to activate it by clicking into a yellow warning line as you can see in the picture bellow: