Canned responses are pre-made answers for popular questions. With a few keystrokes, you will be able to save time and quickly reply with detailed answers.


To start a canned response during a chat, you need to type shortcut after the slash sign (/) and choose the response you want to use. Or more easily, you just type the message and choose among the hint responses. It’s faster than type (/) but takes much time to pick up the right response you want.


- Create canned responses


To add new canned responses, you need follow steps below:

1. Go to Setting -> Agent tool, choose Canned responses section

2. Fill in the Message and Shortcut fields and save change.

Shortcut is short characters stands for specific response. When you invoke the shortcut, the message appears.

- Adjust canned response

Sometimes you want to update your replies, delete and replace with new response. Modify them easily in the following way:

1. Go to the Canned responses section

2. Click on the response you want to change

3. Choose Edit or Delete. Save change new responses after editing.


- Share canned responses

As a support team, you want consistent canned responses for each agents. So you - as an admin can share your canned responses for whole team by click Share at creating canned response box.


Or manually, there’s two buttons: Import and Export for you to upload or download your canned responses under csv file. Be careful to create file CSV to upload, it must be presented like example file. (link file model)