1. Definition

Email transcripts is a type of email that is automatically generated after a normal chat or missed chat is ended. These emails will be sent to a number of email address that you set in dashboard page.

- What is normal chat ?

Normal chat is conversation includes both agent and visitor.

- What is missed chat ?

Missed chat appears when visitor sends message to start conversation but agents do not (forget to) reply

2. How to set email address to receive email transcript ?

Log in Subiz.com >> Settings >> Installation >> General Settings.

3. Why do some chats appear in the history page in Dashboard but are not sent to my email ?

In history: Subiz contains missed chats, normal chats and chats which only includes agent’s messages while Email transcripts are applied to the first 2 types of chat.


To make sure that email transcripts will not be sent to SPAM box, you need to add Subiz to Contacts.