1. What is Label ?

Label is what you attach to visitors coming to your website, its goal to make agents chat easier to recognize their customers, besides this is also very useful for re-marketing.

Note that: Label function is applied for Dashboard chat tool.

2. How to create visitor labelling action?

This action belongs to Trigger settings. For that reason, you can set this action when you manage a trigger. In particular, you can set a label for a certain visitor when he/she meets all the conditions you set above.

- After you create a label action, all of labelled visitors will be displayed in the new list on Dashboard Chat interface. That would be amazing when you open chat page and see a new list of visitors that you want to filter. That’s so fantastic !

3. When should use this feature ?

a. When you integrated Subiz Live Chat on several websites/pages and feel very difficult in figure out which website/page do visitors come from ?


b. Your website have many products and you want visitors who looking at a certain product to be labelled with name of that one. So after that, you can know which product were cared the most