The Report Function is a feature that every website's owners need to use to manage the website. Based on the statistic displayed on the report, you can figure out the your business's circumstance, how was website working, what need to be improved or evaluate your agents' working process. 

Before coming to each particular statistics that report function display for you, I will show you how to select the object of report and a period of time that report function work on

a. What is the object of Report and How to select them

- Object: Agent, Department, Trigger (Only in Trigger part)

- How to select object: Click to the box on the top right corner of the chart. You can choose to see the statistic of a certain agent or a department

b. How to choose a particular period of time (7 days, 1 month, 3 month, or a certain period)

Very simple, just click in the top left corner of the chart, we did give you Today, Last 7 days, last 30 days, you can choose which period you want as long as meets the time applied for your package (Free, Standard, Advanced)

There are 4 parts in the Report function: 

1. Chats

a. Normal chat: The number of conversations that included both agent and visitors which means you talked to that visitors.

b. Missed chat: The conversations that agents did not participate in when they are online. This number means that you/your agents/departments have lost a chance to chat with your visitors and also means you miss a business opportunity

2. Rating

There are 3 types of voting: Good, not rate, Bad. According to this statistic you can know if your agents/department worked effectively or not

3. Availability

This chart will show you how many minutes in a period of time you are online on website. 

4. Trigger

This will count the number of successful time your trigger was implemented. This also measures the effeciency of your triggers. You can base on that to edit this very important tool.