1. What is Trigger?


Trigger is a tool which will help you to take some actions automatically on a range of visitors that match the set conditions.


2. Parameters in a trigger:

a. Trigger status, name, description: You turn ON status and OFF if you do not want to activate it. Type name, discription to recognize easily a certain trigger.



Image: Parameters


b. Fire only once per visitor: When you tick to this square, the action of trigger is only implemented with one visitor not a visit


c. Run trigger: This part includes 3 things:

- When visitor loaded widget: When website in visitor's side display the chat widget, trigger will run

- When visitor request chat: When visitor click to chat window to open it, trigger will run.

- When visitor send chat message: When visitor type a message and click to send, trigger will run.


Image: Run trigger


d. Check condition: There are 2 choices

- Check all of following conditions: The action is only implemented when the visitor meets all the given conditions

- Check any of following conditions: The action is only implemented when visitor meets one of given conditions


Image: Run trigger

e. Condition: This part includes many conditions you can set for trigger to filter the visitors such as: time on site, IP address, visitors' location, countries...

You can add more conditions by clicking into the (+) under each condition.



f. Actions: These are the actions that you want trigger to implement:

- Auto invite: The chat window automatically open up with the message you set ealier

- Send message to visitor: Display more messages if chat window is open if closed, it will display a notification number on chat window.

- Apply to label: This action help you label visitors. You can read more about this action in the link below

- Remove label: Remove from the labelled group


Image: Conditions