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1. What is form survey ?

Form survey includes 3 text fields on chat window for customers to fill in with their information: Name, Email, Phone (optional)

2. How to enable form survey ?

Come to Dashboard >> Settings >> Chat widget >> Chat survey >> Enable chat survey >> Save changes.

3. Advantages of form survey.

As you know that, SUBIZ's form survey is very meaningful for website's owners to collect their customer's information for different targets.

 - a. To make customer feel the best serving quality of website's agents.

 - b. You may use customer's information for re-marketing challenges in the future. It will help you save a significant amount of money for the other marketing channels.

4. What kind of website should enable chat survey form on chat window ?

The following writing will give you a standard basis for considering which business should enable form survey for customers to input before chatting with agents.

 - a. Websites are about customer service, technical support...

            These kinds of website should enable form survey because they usually require a long-time conversation to help agents approach the problems and figure out a precise solution for customers. If agents cannot solve immediately, they can note it down and reply later using the contact information customers have just given on form survey.

 - b. Websites are about selling small, packaged products or familiar items like appliances, housewares, toys, necessities...With these objects, customers do not need a lot of time to decide if they buy them or not or time for understand how to use them..Thus, it is not necessary for agents to collect customer's information. These kind of websites should not enable form survey.  

 - c. In contrast, with the websites which sell products that are expensive, complicated, customers need spend time to consider or know how to use that product so when you have their information, you can wait for their answer and reply later. Therefore, these kinds of website should enable form survey