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1. What is department ?

Basically, department is a group of agents that the website owners create to be responsible for different specializations.

You can read more about department

2. Some criteria for a departmentalization

   The most common way to create department is to split agents force on some basis factors. The key strategic question here is, What should be the basis factors ? In the following, SUBIZ will delivery some sample structures or factors to help you build a team chat (Department) effectively.

a. Functional Departmentalization

   If your business requires a number of specialized departments which each certain department will be responsible for a particular business’s area. It is the fact that, the more functional specialization devision you carry on, the much more professional your business will be. The customers will be very satisfied because they can find a certain department to deliver their concern, and they believe that, when that department is responsible for an aspect, they will be the one that own the best knowledge about aspect.


For example: Sale Department, Marketing Department, Technical Department, Customer Service Departmemt, etc.

b. Business Particularity Departmentalization.

   In this part, I will write about another type of specialization devision is to base on business particularity. This happens when your company have a number of diverse products or services. This factor will raise the necessity of grouping all of agents who are specialized in one type of products into a team or department. The more particular you group your products, the easier you get to manage your business.

For example: Your business is about selling cell phones, and you have several manufacturers such as: Nokia, Apple, Samsung, Motorola...You can create department for each of brand.

c. Customer Characteristic Departmentalization

   When your visitors come to your website and open the chat window. The first thing they are going to pick a department that relates closely to their question. Moreover, you integrate chat window onto your website is only to communicate with your customers. The customer is very crucial for any business, thus you can carry on specialization devision base on your visitors’ characteristic. The more detailed visitors’ characteristic you specify, the clearer you will be to identify your customer and the level of customers’ satisfaction will be enhanced magnificently

For example: You are a International Corporation. You have many branches in different countries, therefore, you need to set-up departments or team chat to be reponsible for visitors who come from a particular countries such as Department Asia, Department Africa, Department European, etc.