After your free trial, it’s time for you to continue using premium plans by start setting-up a subscription. It just takes you a few minutes with a credit card. Let’s follow our steps below to complete SUBIZ’s subscription.

- Step 1: Go to Dashboard -> Subscription

- Step 2: Choose plan.

At the moment, SUBIZ provides 2 premium plans, they are STANDARD and ADVANCED as you can see in the below image. Feel free to decide your plan which meets the demand of your company size.

- Step 3: Select the number of agents

After pick a suitable plan, right in the below you can see the number of agents or operators you want to create to support -> Finally, click Subscription

After that you will be redirected to FastSpring - Payment Gateway (one of the top 500 Inc in USA)

- Step 4: Complete the Subscription form

Note that: Subiz does not save your credit card number. All of your account's information are secured by payment service provider - FastSpring.

- Right after SUBIZ charge your money from your credit card, you will be notified by email or sms messages by the bank with syntax: “fs*…”