We recommend using Adium with Subiz as it lets you log in using multiple screen names simultaneously, separating business and personal chats for example.


Step 1. Add Subiz Account

- Launch Adium and enter Preferences from the Adium menu options.

Select the Accounts tab.

- Click on icon to add your Subiz account. Depending on your version of Adium, choose either Jabber or XMPP from the drop down menu.

- Fill in the Jabber ID field with your Subiz username, including @subiz.com, as in the screenshot below. Enter your Subiz operator password. Click OK. Do NOT click Register New Account.

Note: Be sure to add @subiz.com to the end of your username. For example, test@subiz.com

Step 2. Set your status

Once your account has been added, set your status Available to to begin chatting. However you also can change the other suitable status such as Offline, Away, Invisible...