Table of content:

1. Initial Knowledge

- What is SUBIZ ?

- What is SUBIZ Live Chat used for ?

2. Widget

- How to change color of widget ?

- How to upload logo ?

- Change Facebook & Twitter address

- Set online & Offline button

- Change avatar.

- Enable form survey

- Enable Department

- Why can not edit text in form survey?

3. Chat

- What I have to do after installation SUBIZ onto website?

- Chat notification

- How to save name, email, phone of visitors?

- Are chat applications free?

- Chat on mobile

- How to know the number of visitors browsing website?

- How to invite visitors to chat?

- Không gõ được tiếng việt khi chat

- Why is visitors' location not exact ?

4. Installation

- Can one SUBIZ account install for several websites?

- Do we need to download anything ?

- Where can I get embed code ?

- How to get lincense ID ?

5. Dashboard

- How to change language on Dashboard ?

- What can do in the dashboard ?

- Why am I disconnected from Dashboard ?

- Sound on Dashboard

- How to search a conversation in History?

6. Account

- Where to start the registration?

- What should to if you do not receive activation e-mail?

- How to retrieve password?

1. Initial Knowledge

- What is SUBIZ ?

  Subiz is live chat software with many special features which can improve you e-commerce sites as well as your revenue considerably. Specifically, you can imagine that Subiz is kind of a chat tool where you can answer the questions, interact and solve problems at speeds of your computer's Internet connection. However, unlike other softwares which are designed not just for your business, Subiz have the ultimate goal is to boost your sales figures and guarantee your business success.

- What is SUBIZ used for ?

  Subiz gives you the chance to take the initiative to contactcustomers to support them or create their demands for purchasing before their leaving.

For example, in a clothes shop, you are wondering buying a jacket or not because you are not sure about the size. And then, a smiling saleswoman shows up and asks if you need help. All the concerns are out of your mind and you will be willing to buy this jacket. While online website normally cannot assist customers like that, Subiz is a perfect solution for your website to turn into a real shop in real time just by some clicking and typing. Your clients will feel like they are talking to a real person, not an inanimate machine. With Subiz, you don’t have to worry about your visitors leaving due to not finding the right products or not receiving the appropriate support timely.

2. Widget

- I dislike the default color of SUBIZ’s chat widget, how to change it ?

Come to Dashboard >> Settings >> Chat widget >> Theme. On the right hand-side, you can choose the 5 given colors or customize which color you like. 

In this part, you can choose the widget’s position on the left or right. Do not forget to click Save changes.

- How can I set logo on widget ?

Log in Dashboard >> Settings >> Chat Widget >> Theme. In the third part on the right, click to upload logo image. Remember that the image’s size must be less than or equal to 50Kb.


Recommended dimension: max-width: 100px; max-height:35px

- How to change Facebook, Twitter’s address ?

Log in Dashboard >> Settings >> Chat Widget >> Theme. In the third part on the right, click to change Facebook And Twitter's address. Save changes

- I want to set online, offline button when customers click into it, the chat widget will appear.

chat button.PNG

Step 1: Go to Dashboard page >> Settings >> Chat Widget >> Chat Button

Step 2: You can choose given online, offline chat button from Subiz’s gallery or upload from your devices.

Step 3: After uploading or choosing image, click to get code chat buttons. A text field contains code appears.

There will be two parts in this code textbox:

1. <style>...</style>: You copy and paste this code into your source code.

2. <div class="subiz_status"></div>: Paste this code into place that you want to display image on your website.

- How can I change my avatar ?

Log into Dashboard >> Agents (Beside History) >> On the right click to Edit button >> On the right click Change Avatar

Remember the size of image must be less than or equal to 50Kb

change avatar.PNG

- How to create form for customers to fill name, email, telephone…?

This is function named form survey of Subiz. To enable the form survey on chat window, follow these steps:

Dashboard >> Settings >> Chat Widget >> Enable chat survey. Click Save changes to finish.

- Why do my departments not display on chat window ?

Because you did not enable department to display on Settings.

Dashboard >> Settings >> Chat Widget >> Require Department.

Click Save changes to finish.

More about Customization

- Why I can not customize the text in the chat survey ?

Because you are in Auto Detect mode in Language setting Chat widget. , you need to switch language on chat widget settings into a certain language (English, French, Vietnamese…).

3. Chat

- I have finished installation Subiz Live Chat what I have to do next to chat with my visitors ?

If you have already integrated successfully chat widget onto your website, now you have 2 options to start chatting with your visitors.

a. Use Dashboard Chat Tool

b. Use IM chat Applications.

- I use Dashboard to chat, how can I know when my visitors send messages ?

In Dashboard, we integrated 3 types of notification for you to alert when you have incoming messages from visitors.

a. Sounds:

b. Notify number:

c. Toaster alert:

You can read more about the link below:

Chat Notification

- How to save name, email, phone of visitors ?

If you do not enable form survey to require visitors to fill in their information, you can ask them during conversation. Once you have their information, you can save it by using command: !name + (visitor’s name) , !email + (visitor’s e-mail), !phone + (visitor’s phone)

- Are chat applications free ?

Yes, they are all free forever.

- Can I chat on mobile ?

Yes, you can use many applications on any mobile devices on Windows, Android, MacOS, iOS and web-based.

- Can I know exactly the number of visitors browsing on my website ?

If you are using premium packages, you can see all of your visitors on list chat. If you are free account, that’s impossible because your chat list is limited by concurrent.

- How can I invite visitors to chat ?

There are 2 ways:

a. Manually: You can click to each visitor displayed on list to chat with them

b. Automatically: If you are in premium user, you can use trigger as a tool to invite visitors to chat proactively.

- Không gõ được tiếng việt khi chat.

Nếu bạn không gõ được tiếng Việt có dấu, bạn vui lòng kiểm tra lại các thông tin sau:

(Chúng tôi khuyên bạn sử dụng phần mềm gõ tiếng Việt Unikey phiên bản mới - Unikey 4.0)

Bước 1:

Trước tiên bạn kiểm tra lại chính xác xem bạn đã bật phần mềm Unikey và để chế độ gõ tiếng Việt chưa. Để kiểm tra độ tin cậy, bạn có thể truy cập website: và gõ tiếng Viêt vào hộp tìm kiếm. Nếu bạn đã gõ được tiếng Việt tại đây nhưng vẫn không thể gõ được tiếng Việt trên Subiz, bạn làm tiếp bước sau:

Bước 2:

Mở bảng điều khiển Unikey, click "Mở rộng"

Tick vào phần "Luôn sử dụng clipboard cho Unicode"

Sau khi hoàn thành các thao tác trên, nếu bạn vẫn không thể gõ được tiếng Việt trên Subiz, bạn vui lòng liên hệ qua email:

Chúc các bạn thành công!

- I want to get precise location of visitors

We can not commit the 100% exact location of visitor for customer because we retrieve from the 3rd-party service. But do not worry ! the data is 95 percent of exact, we hope in the future this percentage will be raised up significantly. 

4. Installation

- Can one account install for several websites ?

Yes, absolutely.

- Do we need to download anything ?

No, you just need to paste embed code into your website’s source code.

- Where can I get embed code ?

Just follow steps numbered in the image below:

embed code.PNG

- Where can I get licence ID ?

The licence ID is very important for you to integrate SUBIZ Chat onto your wordpress'site. Follow my instruction to get your licence ID. Come to Dashboard >> Settings >> Installation. The image below will help you have a visualization.

5. Dashboard

- How can I change language of Dashboard?

You can change language Dashboard by coming to Agent editing part. Come to Dashboard >> Agents >> Edit >> Dashboard Language.

dashboard language.PNG

- What can I do in the Dashboard?

Dashboard is a place you can manage everything relating to your SUBIZ Live Chat. Beside Chat Tool. You can handle your account, watch history, report, customize, etc.

- Why am I disconnected from Dashboard?

Because you’re loggin in your account from other devices or applications. In this version, we integrated Chat Tool on Dashboard, so you will not able to log in other chat tools at the same time.

- Sound on Dashboard?

You can see there are 2 types of sound you can manage:


a. Notification in agent’s side:


b. Notification in visitors’ side:

sound visitor.PNG

- How can I search for an exact conversation in chat history?

There are 4 criteria to filter your chat history so that you can find out the conversation you want to search for.


1. Message content

2. Visitor’s name

3. Visitor’s email

4. Visitor’s phone.

search chat history.PNG

You can type any information you remember about that conversation.

6. Account

- Where should I start the registration?

To start using SUBIZ, firstly you need to register an account.

Sign-up page

Read more:

How to get started?

- What should I do if I do not receive activation e-mail?

You need to contact us immediately, we will check and give you the activation email.

- How can I retrieve my password ?

Read this

7. Payment


- How does Subiz benefit me?

There are many reasons to use Live Chat. Subiz will help you to:

1. Chat with your visitors/customers easily and directly

2. Understand customers' needs

3. Get feedback from visitors and customers

4. Increase conversion rates and online sales

5. Live realtime visitor monitoring

- Yearly pricing?

You receive a 10% savings with an yearly subscription.

- Can I change my plan at anytime?

Yes. You can upgrade, downgrade, add / reduce agents, change billing cycle or cancel your account at any time.

- Is the Free package really free?

Yes. Live Chat is one of the best way to grow a fledgling business, and one of our missions is to make Live Chat available to everyone. The feature set for the Lite package is limited. For example, only five active conversations is permitted at any time. Still, we have taken care to ensure that the Free package is a very attractive and affordable option for startups.

- What is trigger? department? concurrent?

1. Trigger helps to automatically identify high-value customers and send customized chat invites

2. Department is to put your agents into different groups. Visitors can choose exact department before chatting

3. Concurrent is the number of chatters which can be accessed at the same time

- What form of payment do you accept?

At the moment, you can use Credit Card or PayPal to pay via FastSpring page.

- Can I be billed instead of paying by FastSpring ?

Yes. Yes. For annual subscriptions, we can send you an invoice payable by wire transfer. Please contact us to arrange

- World-Class Security?

Everything you do on is protected by industry standard SSL encryption.