BeejiveIM is an all-in-one instant messaging app that allows you to message all your IM buddies anywhere you go! Free! So you won't be afraid to support your clients if you don't use PC. You can download Beejive from Google Play.

Step 1. Add Subiz account

Launch Beejive, and tap on Jabber

- In the username area, type in your Subiz username (, type in your password and tap Save to finish adding Subiz Account.

Note: Be sure to add to the end of your username. For example,

Step 2. Show contact list and set your status.

- Tap on Buddy list, your client's contact will appear

Image. Contact list with informations are Name, location, email...

- On the main board, tap on the button  is beside your status. Now, you can change the different status such as Available, Offline, Away,...