Imo's free messaging, voice and video call apps make it easy for you to stay in touch with your clients around the world. It helps you connect with everywhere you want. Imo is ready and free on Google Play.

Download Imo

I will introduce for you how to use Imo, example in Vietnamese version as follows (orther version has the same)

Step 1. Sign up new Imo account

- Fill in your personal information such as user name, new password, your email and cell phone. Click Let start to finish your register. After that you have to fill in your age.

Image. Dialog to register new account

1- Your name

2- Email

3- Your cell number

Step 2.  Add Subiz Account

- Click to Menu button at the left corner then choose Account.


- Choose Add Account

- Choose Jabber


 Fill in blank with your Subiz's user name and password. Click Sign in to complete your adding account.

Note: Be sure to add to the end of your username. For example,

1 - Subiz's user name

2 - Subiz's password