IM+ is an easy-to-use feature-rich IM client for mobile phones and web. You don’t need an IM+ account to use IM+ on mobile or web, just enter your IM credentials and start chatting! So you can support your client everywhere if you have to go out office and can't use PC or laptop. IM+ is ready on Google play (if you use Smartphone using Android).

Download IM+

 Step 1.  Add Subiz Account   

- Choose Jabber, fill in each blank with your Subiz's user name and password. Click Save and Connect to complete your adding Subiz's account. 

Note: Be sure to add to the end of your username. For example,

1: Subiz's username

2: Subiz's password.

- Your client's contact list will appear immediately.

Image. Contact list with client's information

Step 2. Change the different status

- Click Show menu button. Choose My Status and select your suitable status such as Online, Away or Invisible...