Trigger is powerful tool of SUBIZ that help you automatically sending chat invitations and classify your visitors based on a pre-defined set of visitor behavior metrics. An internal software engine is constantly monitoring visitors and checking against the rules. Invitations fire when a rule has been met. Depending on what type of site you have, we have reams of best practices which customers can follow.

There are two functions that trigger automatically do for you.

1. Send greeting messages to your visitors:

   In the real life, if you are a shop's owner, when a visitor come to your store, he can open your window or see your stuffs by himself, but it will raise your chance to sell your product dramatically if you appear and say hello to him. Your customers will feel that you pay attention and care for them. The communication between you and customer will be very natural and potential. It is absolutely the same with online website, your visitors highly appreciate if you appear and give a greeting to them.  By using trigger, the message will display automatically, all you need to do just wait and continue the conversation.

2. Label your visitors:

   This function is to help you classify your visitors by groups according to their a content that they spend time for in your website.

For example, you have a website to sell mbile phones made by Apples, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, HTC... You can divide your visitors into groups named exactly as your products. Finally, when you look at your list of visitor, you can choose a certain group to talk to each labelled visitors. That is very easy and convenient to your agent to start talking to visitor when you already know the product that visitor care about. You do not waste time for asking.

Image: Label "Price" for visitors who visit page Pricing

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