Four reasons to use proactive chat AND to be more efficient:

Reason 1:

When monitoring a dashboard and manually engaging your website visitors, you would first have to select a visitor, write a message, and wait for your visitor to respond. In the end, it takes too much time out of your day to decide who you want to chat with — it’s easiest to let our system do the work for you.

Reason 2:

If you were not looking at your website at the right time, you would miss the best opportunities to engage in a chat.

Reason 3:

Our proactive chat is rule-based. Meaning you define on which pages, with which message and the time delay we should prompt your visitors on your behalf.

Reason 4:

We inform the agent of the chat once the visitor replies, keeping your team focused on the visitors who want to chat and not wasting time on people who may not want to engage.