Pidgin is a free instant messenger program that works with your Subiz on Windows. You can get set up in minutes with ease.

Cài đặt pidgin cho máy tính chạy Windows ( Vietnamese )

Download Pidgin


Step 1Install Pidgin

- Select your suitable language then click OK


- Click Next until appear a window for adding Subiz account. After that enter your Subiz Username and Password. Click Install to save your account.



Step 2: Add Account into Pidgin

Enter the Pidgin Add Account dialog.

- This dialog can also be found in the Pidgin Accounts menu option. Just select Add from the Pidgin Accounts menu.

Step 3: Enter your Subiz credentials 

                                                                                                Image: Adding Account Form

Note    Protocol: XMPP

         Username: same with your Subiz username
         Domain: (not your website)
         Password: same with your Subiz password

         (others would be blank)

Click Add when you are done.

(*)Enable/Disable Account in Pidgin


You can enable (disable) account using the Accounts menu option under Enable Account