Department also plays an crucial role for you to manage your agent team. You want your agents to be more professional and specialized, let's divide them into departments, it's not only easy for you to manage, but also for your visitors when they come to your website and seek for a solution, they can click to choose a department that directly relating to their question or concerns. They do not waste time for waiting your to transfer chat conversation to someone knows about it.

1. How can I find Department on Dashboard ?

   Go to Dashboard > Click to tab Agent > Next to the line "Show me: Agents(...), this is Departments.

                                                                                          Image: Where to find Departments

2. List of departments

   As you can see in the picture below, it is a detailed department list. You can search for a certain department, or click on it to see which agents are being online (available to chat)

3. Add more Departments (Only Admin)

Follow these steps to create a new Departments:

 - Step 1: Click to Add more departments and icon (+) on top of Search bar in Department list as following image


 - Step 2: Type department's name

 - Step 3: Check agents who you want to add to this new department

 - Step 4: Turn on status

 - Step 5: Click Save changes to finish


                                                                     Image: Department creating form

4. Edit a department (Only Admin)

Select name of department from the list >> Click into Edit button on the top right corner.

 - Edit properties: You can change the name, remove an agent from that department or turn off that department

Image: Edit form

 - Delete department: On Editing page, click into Delete this department on the top right corner. A confirmation board will be displayed, choose Delete to finish. As you can see in the following picture