1. What is Agent?

       In the process of supporting customers, we can see a lot of question about what is agent? and what is this for?

This may be a new term for some of you. Be calm! Agent is just another way to describe the supporter or operator on any website. Therefore, agent is a person who support visitors directly on the website.


       From a visitor's view (widget on website), he can see agent's avatar and display name. However, each agent has his own account on Subiz (including username, password, e-mail registered, jabber ID (username@subiz.com), full name). Later on, the agent uses registered username and password to log in IM chat client and start chatting with visitors.


Presently, with Free package, Subiz offers you just one agent (it's also the account you've registered on Subiz). The administrator of website is also the only agent.

With Standard and Advanced package, you will decide how many agents you want to add on your account.


2. The rights of agent

       An agent can see the chat history reports. Also, Agent can also update or change the personal information. But for the information the security, only Admin has rights to manage agents, modify account settings and customize the widget while Agents can't.

How to manage agent ?