After a period of time, you want to review or save the conversations between your agents and your visitors. But you do not want to open email to search Email Transcripts.

Do not worry, just open Dashboard History. All transcripts will be saved for you. In the following article, I will show you all the function in the dashboard history page. Let's read carefully to use it effectively.

What can you do with Dashboard History Page ?

1. Review transcripts 

Image: Dashboard History Page

 - You can see in the picture above, this is a full Dashboard history Page, you can filter the conversation by Date, Agent, Department, Rate, Type. If you want to see any conversation, just click into it. The transcript will show off.

 - In each transcript, not only you can review conversation between you or agent and visitors, but also visitors' information, visitor's note...

This is very important for you when you forgot taking note about a potential customers in the past.

Image:  A full chat transcript window

2. Search old transcripts

If you have a lot of conversation, you can not remember a particular one, there is a way to help you. It's searching function, just click into it and a box will be displayed with criteria that you can search for a conversation as you can see in the image below:

3. Export transcripts to CVS file

         You also can export transcripts to CVS file and open with excel to share to your clients or colleagues, or save in your personal computer, this function will help you. Just click to Export button on the top right corner and choose a particular period of time that you want to review transcript. SUBIZ will export a CVS file for you. 

Image: Export function