In Dashboard page's Settings, first Menu - General Settings, you will see there are 2 parts:

1. Email Transcript:

 - Email Transcript is a e-mail that contains content of conversations between agents and visitors. After a visitor is offline (close you website) some minutes, the email transcript will be created and sent to given emails.

Image: Steps to customize Email Transcripts

Here, you can edit to change or add more email address that admin wants to receive Email Transcripts.

2. Email Offline Message

 - When you are not available to chat with your website's visitors, the widget chat on your website will be transformed into Offline and visitors will see a form that require them to insert information and their message. 

Image: Offline Message Form

After finishing filling the form, that messages will be sent to emails that you set in this section.

Image: Step to customize Email offline Message

 - NOTE:

a. The number of email can be set to receive e-mail transcripts and offline messages is unlimited

b. Enable sound notification: You can check to enable sound from visitor's side to notify incoming messages.