Along with chat window customization, SUBIZ's developers also tried to figure out something new to integrate to widget chat. Some kind of accessories. They are Chat Button and Chat Bubble. This two integration will make your chat window be more professional, meaningful and good-looking.

To customize them, read the instruction below:

 - How to find out Chat Button Customization ?

Come to Dashboard >> Settings >> On the left hand-side menu column, choose Chat Button.

Image: Chat Button Menu

You can see there are 2 parts on this sub-menu:

1. Chat Button

2. Chat Bubble

1. Chat Button:

          Button Chat is not something strange to website's owners. More and more websites have recognized the importance and meaning of this button on their pages.

You want your website to have a button that when your visitors click into it, your Subiz Live chat window is opened. So amazing, right ?

Image: A website that integrated Chat Button on website

The guide below will let you know how to customize Chat Button as the image above.

 - There are 2 option for you to have a Chat Button Image:
a. You can choose from our Gallery.

b. Upload your image.
Note that your image size must be smaller than 200Kb, 240x164 dimension is highly recommended.

- After choose image offline and online, click Get Code and insert into your website's source code.

( This step should be handled by technical staff)

Image: Steps to integrate chat button onto your website.

2. Bubble Chat

          Unlike Chat Button which is integrated on website, Chat Bubble is attached right on top of chat window that make your widget much more attractive.

To customize Bubble. Follow this guide in the following: