Because of motivation on customer satisfaction, SUBIZ has tried to add some more exceptional features to Dashboard Chat Tool.

In the following, we will introduce to you that new feature:

  - Notification:

In this new version of Dashboard Chat, developers have integrated some notify signals 

a. Sound: The most amazing feature was integrated into Dashboard Chat Tool. The sound of receiving message and request chat from visitors will me you feel much better with SUBIZ. Thank to this new feature, you will not forget incoming messages while looking around other tabs.

b. Notify number on browser is also a small but very urgent requirement for conversations. Recognizing this requirement, SUBIZ has integrated this into both widget chat on visitor's side and agent's side. As you can see in the image below:

Image: Notify number

c. Toaster alerts: that pop up letting you know in real time when you have an alert such as a new request chat. these toaster alerts will appear from the right of your screen when receiving a request chat from your website's visitors

Image: Toaster Alert

 - Notice that: To enable Toaster alerts (notification desktop): After loggin in dashboard page, you need to activate it by clicking into a yellow warning line as you can see in the picture bellow: