In the first version of SUBIZ, we suggested our customers to install IM Chat Application to connect and chat with your customers. Some of them feedback that they do not want to download and install anything to your device but still can chat with their customers.

That feedback has been turned into the biggest question for Subiz Live Chat Company to figure out a new chat method that let user be able to connect to your customers everywhere just need a browsers.

The name of solution is: DASHBOARD CHAT

There are some ADVANTAGES of chatting right on your Dashboard Page:

1. Convenience:

You can connect everywhere to talk to your customers just need a internet connected devices.

2. Simplicity:

You do not need to take more steps to create new account or how to add SUBIZ account into some chat applications

3. Safety:

You do not need to install any software so that do not have to be worry about virus or conflict

According to what I have said above, let's start using SUBIZ Dashboard Chat.

Image: Dashboard Page