New users may get into trouble, they may not receive any message or the chat widget status will be automatically offlineThe reason is that, these IM applications set your status "Auto-away" by default after the certain period of time.    

Now, you can disable this setting by following these instructions:

- Table of Contents

1. Turn off Auto-away Pidgin (Windows)

2. Turn off Auto-away Trillian (Windows)

3. Turn off Away on Close Trillian (iOS)

4. Turn off Away on Close Trillian (Android)

5. Turn off Auto-away Imo (Web-based)

1. Pidgin

- Open Pidgin preferences from Tools menubar:

- Click on the Status/Idle tab:

- Change or disable the settings to your preference:

- Finally, click Close save your change:

2. Trillian (Windows)

 - At the top left corner, click on icon Trillian >> Preferences to open up Preferences dialog box:

- Go to Status sections:

- Finally, uncheck everything below Automatic Changes. It will make sure that your status will never be changed:

3. Trillian (iOS)

 - Step 1: Log into Trillian

 - Step 2: Open Settings on the top left-corner

 - Step 3: Choose Settings 

 - Step 4: Scroll down to Away >> Turn OFF Away on Close

4. Trillian (Android)

 - Step 1: Log into Trillian account >> Enable your Subiz account

 - Step 2: Click to the top right-cornner to open the Settings or Preferences >> Choose Settings as the following image:

 - Step 3: In the Settings, scroll down to Away >> Uncheck the box Away on Close

5. Imo (web-based)

 - Click your availability status at the top of the screen to the right of your profile picture, and in the drop down menu, uncheck the radio box Auto set away when idle: