One of the most powerful features across our product line, proactive chat engages more visitors in live interactions.

1. What is Proactive Chat?

       Proactive chat is the ability to target a website visitor and then, using visual cues and coordinated sound effects, to deliberately invite that visitor to engage in a live chat interaction. The invitation can be an image or a small chat window with a custom message that says, for example, "Questions? I'm available for chat!"

     Invitations can be made manually - with the user determining which invitation to send and to which visitor - or automatically through the implementation of one or more rules.


2. How do proactive chat impact to your benefit ?

 - Rate of customers accepting proactive chat invitation can vary from 6-22%

 - Typically, customers who engage through proactive chat are more interested to purchase than customers who do not chat.

 - Approximately 10% of repeat customers are interested to accept proactive chat invitations and assume help from reactive chat, when needed.

 - Proactive chat execution is highly capable to boost the chat volume by 40%.

To help you create proactive chat...

SUBIZ has been developing a powerful function chat for years. It calls TRIGGER

If you aren't using it, you're missing conversations, leads, and conversions.


To fully understand about Trigger and how to manage it. Let's read two articles in the link below:

1. What is Trigger?

2. How to manage Trigger?