Table of content:

1. Elements of good greetings

2. Customize Greeting

         Greetings are very important to begin a conversation between you and your website's visitor. If you create a good greetings with warm and friendly words, your customer will be very satisfied and feel easy to talk to you.

 1. So what are the elements of a good greeting?

 - Make the greeting warm and sincere:

If you are not truly grateful that this person decided to walk into your establishment you need to rethink where your check is REALLY coming from.

 - Avoid "How may I help you?":

This question allows the customer to say "just looking" at which point you are already in a hole. Start off with "How are you?", "How was your day going ?" But if your customer doesn't like small talk get to the point quickly.

 - Understand them.

Begin your relationship with the true goal of finding out their wants and needs and making sure that you fulfill them.

 2. The following is how you can customize your greetings:

- Dashboard >> Settings >> Chat Widget

Image: Chat widget Menu

- Choose Language.

 a. You can choose the language you want to set for greetings. And the following is information that you can customize:

 - Chat window online:

Image: Chat window online

  • Widget title: The text on chat window's header
  • Agent name: The general name on chat widget before a particular agent answer your first message
  • Welcome message: Your welcome message will be displayed right under the general agent's name
  • Input message box: For example "Type your message here"


- Chat window offline: 

  • Widget title: Text on chat window's header
  • Instruction: Let your visitors know that you're not available so they should leave messages. 


 - Button online:

  • Widget title: Text on button


 - Button online:

  • Widget title: Text on button

 b. Auto Detect mode: You greetings language on chat widget will be changed automatically with default sentences according to your location (country).

If your country's language is not available, Greetings will automatically be set in English