In this session, You can choose to see your chat window when Online, Offline, Button Online, Button Offline

1. Color

You can change the color of chat window. Choose what color you like, and you see it's suitable and highlight the chat window on your website. Like an adornment, theme makes your website more beautiful and helps you attract attention of visitors to start chatting.

Image: Color Customization

2. Facebook and Twitter 

At the left bottom of of chat window, you can see the Facebook and Twitter icon. If you want customer to come to your facebook and twitter page, you just need to paste your page's link there and Save changes as the following image

3. Company's Logo

Besides being able to change color and theme of chat window, you can easily upload your company's logo to display on your chat window. 

Image: Theme Customization

DO NOT FORGET to click SAVE CHANGE After finishing your customization