Before chatting with your website's customers, your need to integrate Subiz widget chat onto your website.

According to website's platforms there are 2 ways to integrate Subiz:

1. Basic websites (copy and paste the embed code)

With the websites that are built on simple platform or framework like PHP, .Net... It's very simple. Let's follow the steps that I write below:


- Log into Dashboard page > Settings > Installations


You will see the embed code in the right hand side. What you have to do now is just copy and paste that embed code into your website's source code.


Image: Installation Menu


Now reload your website to see the widget displayed.


The blank in the end of the page is the place where you can paste your website address to check if Subiz Live Chat was integrated successfully or not


2. Other platforms 

- Joomla
- Wordpress
- Magento