You have not registered a Subiz account yet ? Let's follow this article.

There are 5 steps to get started with SUBIZ live chat.

- Step 1:

Click here to come to Register page

- Step 2:

Enter all the required information in the given form.

        Image: Registration form

Complete filling in the registration form and see if you registered successfully or not


- Step 3:

Log in your mail box that you have just filled into the form to check confirmation email from SUBIZ to activate your account.

  Image: Activation Email      

 - Notice that: Within 24 hours since the activation email was sent, if you do not verify your email, your account will be cancelled automatically.

- Step 4:

Verify the email and log into Subiz for the first time as the picture below:


- Type your username and password to log in Dashboard Page of SUBIZ.


- And now you can see the SUBIZ Dashboard page after logging in successfully !


Image: Dashboard Page

Continue installing SUBIZ Live Chat