Subiz provides you many features that helps you control and manage visitors on your website effectively. These are some ways:

1. Real-time visitor' info: while chatting, you'll know visitor's info such as: their country, city, IP, web path, web browser, time on site, etc. These information maybe very helpful for your later-use.

- Right - mouse click to the name of visitor displayed on IM application:

Image: visitor's information in Pidgin

Image: Visitor's information in Dashboard

While chatting maybe you need memorize something about visitors and it's great to add note for visitors easily and quickly in Dashboard.

Image: Illustration

2. Control number of visitors and chats:

You can see how many visitors or chats on your website daily/weekly/monthly or any period of time in chart, knowing how it's changing to manage and improve your business.

- Dashboard >> Report >> Chats:

Image: Report


3. Chat history:

History helps you save visitors' information and chat messages. You get deeper understanding about your visitors/customers when you know who they are, what they are concerning and how they interacted with your agents/company.

- Go to Dashboard >> History

How to see Chat History ?