Trillian  is a free instant messenger program that works with your Subiz on Windows, as well as MacOS X, Android, iPhone, BlackBerry ... 

STEP 1: Download and install Trillian on your computer


STEP 2: Launch Trillian

You will need to have a Trillian account. Either create a new one, or sign in to your existing account.

STEP 3: Enter your Subiz credentials

Once you are logged in to Trillian, press the Trillian button in your menubar.

Click Add a new account and choose Jabber/XMPP to enter your Subiz credentials. 

Enter your Subiz account details

  Note: Be sure to add to the end of your username. For example,

STEP 4: Connect

Click Connect. Your Subiz account should now be connected.

That's it, you're all set to chat with your site visitors using the Trillian im chat program