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Use Trigger to smartly take care customers

As you may know, Trigger is to help you send automated message to Agents or Visitors under the conditions you created. Because, it's designed to be flexible, then you can adapt in various ways as you can. We don't want to limit your creativity, just think that giving you some suggestions and sharing should be good for you :)
1. Automated greetings

 Automation always save your time and effort, so why not make use?
With trigger, personalized greeting message will be automatically sent to every visitor. It is a sure-fire way to initiate more chats and engage high potential leads.


       2. Better take care your customers

Site owner has great chance to tailor message to suit customer's need. Imagine that, one visitor who is viewing a page for Jeans of online shop, coming into her mind some question, then she receives a message "Are you wondering which Jeans fit you best? Let me help you!". You'll see how happy she is :D
Let make all visitors and customers on your site feel the sense of being taken care.


      3. Identify targeted customers

      How are high potential leads identified? It really differs from site to site. But trigger can help you in some ways, for example, create trigger with conditions on visitor's location, URL, search term ..... Sure that, when you can find the potential customers, you'll have right way to entice and take care of them


      4. Engage customers during the decision making

The key to making good triggers is to understand your customer’s mindset, for example if someone is spending a long time on a single product page, pricing page or even promotion page, there is a chance that they are considering purchase. That time, you should initiate chat to clarify doubts, or make the notice with Agents for a special remark

The possibilities are limitless when it comes to triggers. Smartly use these intelligent triggers to sale more while you work less :). We'd love to hear if you share how you've been experiencing and using them in your comments.
You can see How does Trigger works  for more information


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