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If your website built with Joomla


 If your website built with Joomla and using Joomla library, you probably run into an implicit problem after adding Subiz on your site.

How to detect the problem?

You embeded the wiget code and connected with IM sucessfully but still cannot chat with visitors or chatting not work properly.

Why this?

Subiz widget code possibly gets conflict with Mootools file if you use Mootools compatibility. So it cannot run in the way it should be.

How to solve?

We are really sorry for this inconvenience and trying to overcome this. At this time, we suggest you a way to solve the problem. You should now do the followings:

-  Go and download “MooTools Core 1.4.5 without compatibility

-  Replace the old mootools file (compatibility version) by this new one (without compatibility version)

- Save and Ctr+F5 to refresh your site.

The problem may be entirely clear now. Wish you luck :)

But if it does not work with your site, let us know by email to or create ticket here

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