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How does Trigger work?

Trigger is to help you send message to Agents or Visitors automatically. Trigger's really and remarkably helpful because it save lots of your time and effectively divide visitor into groups. To make it easier for you to understand and use Trigger, we give you some important notes and more explanation.

1. Set up a Trigger

Time to run Trigger

Check condition

Depending on the conditions and your purpose, you can make the trigger run after checking all conditions or any of them. 

Setting condition

2. Trigger's performance action

Choose action

Trigger can perform 3 types of action: send mesage to Agents, send message to Visitors and Auto invite

How does it display?
When having any visitors meet conditions as you set up, Trigger runs and take an action. Actions will be displayed something like these

Send message to Agents

Send message to Visitors

Auto Invite

These are only the example. Trigger is really flexible for you to adapt into your own situation.
More about Trigger: Use Triggers to take care customers

Hope it works well with you :)

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